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Ike's journey with Type 1 diabetes

Ike’s Man Bag

Diabetes in itself stinks but then there’s the added stink factor of making sure you have ‘stuff’ with you to take care of the diabetes! This is especially no fun if you are a 10 year old boy! No boy wants to feel like he’s carrying something around that looks like a purse.

When Ike was first diagnosed he carried the bag below because I wanted to make sure we always had snacks, blood tester, insulin, and the glucagon kit at all times.

I remember during one venting session I asked Ike what is the worst thing about having diabetes (fully expecting it to be shots). Without hesitation he replied – “being responsible for all this STUFF”!

Fortunately since he has gone on the pump we have been able to downsize! While I was doing some research online I came across this post on another blog (Thisiscaleb.com). I found a perfect CMC Golf Mini Day Pack for Ike on Amazon.com and we both love, love, love it! We don’t really call it his man bag (unless we are teasing him) we just call it his pack. It is so nice for him not to have that big bag to carry around anymore! Here is a picture of what he has in his pack:

20120923-154644.jpg I usually carry the extra stuff for a pod change since I have a diaper bag to carry anyway. It has been so nice to see Ike running around with less baggage! I feel that his big bag used to make him standout so much from other kids – with his new one I have found myself panicking thinking he didn’t bring it and he just laughs at me because of course he has it! It’s a definite change – one we love!


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2 thoughts on “Ike’s Man Bag

  1. Lorraine on said:

    Looks sooooo familiar! Love it!

    • No – thank you! It was such a relief to find your blog when Ike decided he was going to do the OmniPod. We love the bag and I love that you had pictures – it helped a lot!

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